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1 2021Innovation for Design and Manufacture Food Packaging from Palmyra Palm Leaves
2 2021Causes of Microbiological Deterioration in Pickled Ginger Industry, Solution and improvement of Production Process to Reduce Food Loss
3 2021Development of rapid detection of forbidden meats in halal food products using a Strip test (nucleic acid lateral flow) (2)
4 2021The Analysis of Flavonoids Phytochemical Compounds, DNA Barcode, Anti-aging and Antioxidant Potential of Monochoria angustifolia (G. X. Wang) Boonkerd & Tungmunnithum, the New Species of Thai Medicinal Plant as Raw Material for Phytopharmaceutical Industry and Cosmeceutical Product
5 2021Innovation of synbiotic fermented rice cake from germinated brownblack glutinous rice and quality improvement by enzyme technology
6 2021Development of Seed Coating Formulations Containing Bioactive Compound from Streptomyces philanthi RL-1-178to Protect Aflatoxin-Producing Fungi During Seeds Storage (Phase 2)
7 2021Study on safety data of liquid ready-to-eat food for elderly people and implementing as a novel food
8 2021Production development of oligosaccharides fromfreshwater green algae, Kai(Cladophora spp.) and evaluation for their prebiotic protentialsunder simulated gastrointestinal condition
9 2021Development of virus detection technology in fresh produce to enhance food safety and quality
10 2021Development of methods for selecting resistant rice varieties and study of feeding behaviors of brown planthopperNilaparvata lugens(Stål) and whitebacked planthopper, Sogatella furcifera (Horvath)