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1 2021Causes of Microbiological Deterioration in Pickled Ginger Industry, Solution and improvement of Production Process to Reduce Food Loss
2 2021Development of rapid detection of forbidden meats in halal food products using a Strip test (nucleic acid lateral flow) (2)
3 2021Innovation of synbiotic fermented rice cake from germinated brownblack glutinous rice and quality improvement by enzyme technology
4 2021Production development of oligosaccharides fromfreshwater green algae, Kai(Cladophora spp.) and evaluation for their prebiotic protentialsunder simulated gastrointestinal condition
5 2021Development of virus detection technology in fresh produce to enhance food safety and quality
6 2021Biological activities of rice bran soft and hard waxes in cell culture for cosmetic application
7 2021Transcriptome-based identification of biological markers associated with biological mechanisms in response to heat stress under drought for breeding selection of meat-type chickens
8 2021Drought mitigation for the agricultural area in non-irrigated area using the concept of water accounting, water balance, and water network
9 2021Development of an Information System for Forecasting Spatial Extremely Drought in Chi-River Basin for Water management of Precision Agriculture
10 2021Research and Development of Water Management Model for Subbasin: A Case Study on the Klong Suan Mak Basin