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1 2022Precision irrigation management for increasing durian production efficiency and quality in Eastern parts of Thailand (2nd Year)
2 2022Bio-product Prototype Development from Superior Strains of Endophytic Actinobacteria by Encapsulation Technique Using for Disease-free Strawberry Production
3 2022Development of soil and plant analysis by near-infrared spectroscopy for a precision fertilizer recommendation to increase efficiency production and quality of durian (Montong) (2nd year)
4 2022Development of Forecasting System Supporting Agriculture Decision-Making for Water Planning and Operating in Seawyai River Sub-Basin, Mun River Basin
5 2022Herbal screening for anti-COVID-19 protease using a model from Cat coronavirus for inhibition and anti-inflammatory
6 2022Sustainable water management by smart water solution for increase water use efficiency in the area of repetitive agricultural drought crisis, upper Ing watershed, Phayao
7 2022High-Resolution Precipitation Forecasts for Water Resource Management in Upper Northern Thailand (Ongoing Project)
8 2022Promoting effect of hair-growth and product development from Perilla frutescens leaf extract for hair loss prevention and treatment
9 2022The efficacy of Lysiphyllum strychnifolium extract on reducing chemical toxicity in agricultural workers receiving organophosphate and carbamate
10 2022The Innovation of High Antioxidant Gluten Free Functional Breadstick by Non-Covalent Encapsulation: Lycopene Amylose Helix Inclusion Complex